OCTOBER 11 – 20, 2013
Along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River, NYC


  • Faith Holland
    #ff35bc Binary
  • Paula Hunter & JUMP!
    0 (Women)
  • Go! Push Pops
  • A.E. Souzis
  • Karen Elaine Spencer
    Artist Walking 14th Street with Sandwich Board
  • Jody Servon
    Dreams for Free
  • EcoArtTech (Leila Nadir & Cary Peppermint)
    Every Tree from the High Line or Avenue C to Union Square (CANCELLED)
  • Concerned New Yorkers
    Hot Button Issues
  • Rory Golden
    Human Cannonball Countdown
  • Gretchen Vitamvas
    Infinity Kickline
  • Between the Lines: 1491-Present
    JC Lenochan
  • Adam Frelin
  • Colin MacFadyen
  • Shannon Novak
    Manhattan Phrase 40.74279,-74.008981 to 40.728411,-73.975679
  • Institute of Sociometry
    Opportunity for Reflection
  • Merav Ezer
    Public Visit
  • Samantha Holmes
    Reflections (x10)
  • LuLu LoLo
    Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past
  • Ani Taj & The Dance Cartel
  • Samwell Freeman, Julia Vallera
    Signs of Intelligence
  • Ariela Kader
    Social Trash
  • Vicky Virgin
    Take a Number
  • Pedro Gómez-Egaña
    The Common Ancestor
  • Tatlo
    The Department of Accumulated Thoughts: 14th Street Archive Division Overtime
  • Tracee Worley
    The Dirty Laundry Line
  • Susan Begy, Sasha Sumner
    The Hopscotch Formula
  • Jerry McGuire
    Wallart Takeover
  • Jeff Kasper, Sophie Cooke
    water lines
  • SeeMeTellMe
    Will-o-the-Wisp Magic Numbers
  • Toisha Tucker