Hot Button Issue

Concerned New Yorkers

Hot Button Issues

Concerned New Yorkers is an art collective founded in 2009 whose goal is to create interactive public art projects and information campaigns that engage viewers in local issues of art, culture and politics. The collective was founded by artists Boris Rasin, Kenny Komer and Adam Wissing.

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Part interactive public performance, part civic survey, Hot Button Issues utilizes the tradition of political campaign pins to map the concerns of New Yorkers. A variety of buttons, each representing various local concerns – from favored mayoral candidates to pressing policy issues facing our city – bring to light the issues raised in the current mayoral campaign. By picking one button over the others, the participating public can cast a “vote” for the issue that concerns them the most. We will then post the results on our website, indicating the order of priority these messages held for this project’s participants.


October 19 – October 20

Time • Duration • Location

Saturday and Sunday, October 19 & 20, from 12-6pm in Union Square.