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Rory Golden

Human Cannonball Countdown

Rory Golden is based in New York City. His work across media addresses race and gender oppression, and love.

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A colorful cape-wearing figure conducts a series of roving 14th Street performances. The artist uses elements of public space and enlists help from passersby in dynamic, spontaneous interactions to conduct random acts of boldness, bravery, and fun. The result is a human cannonball counting down to audacious acts in cahoots with the public. 5-4-3-2-1 Blastoff!


October 11 – October 20

Time • Duration • Location

Friday, October 11, from 3-6 pm

Sunday, October 13, from 3-6pm

Thursday, October 17, from 10-2pm

Sunday, October 20, from 3-6pm

Roving street performances starting at 14th Street and First Avenue, moving west to Seventh Avenue.

Saturday, October 19, from 1-5pm between Avenue A and Second Avenue.