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Faith Holland

#ff35bc Binary

Faith Holland is a domestically and internationally exhibited artist. Her works entwine issues including digital culture, beauty culture, feminism, and appropriation. Her work has been exhibited at Xpo Gallery, Paris; Elga Wimmer, New York; AXIOM Gallery, Boston; The Philips Collection, Washington D.C.; and FILE Festival, Sao Paulo.

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#ff35bc binary tests the relationship between human and computer language. Are zeros and ones replacing atoms and molecules as what we think of as building blocks? Can we ‘read’ the source or is this only machine language? Using a digital color—#ff35bc, a very bold pink—translated into IRL house paint with the artist’s hand and a brush rather than a keyboard, the artist “translates” 14th Street’s addresses into binary code. As if looking into the backend of Google Maps, this project asks where the digital ends and “IRL” begins, or, perhaps more importantly, if these distinctions are even relevant anymore.


October 11 – October 20

Time • Duration • Location

Throughout the festival, along 14th Street.