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Colin Macfadyen is an artist living in Brooklyn. Originally from California, Colin moved to New York in 2008 to attend Parsons, graduating in 2012 with a BFA in Integrated Design: Urban. Colin currently works for TILL, assisting landscape architect Victoria Marshall in her research work around Jamaica Bay.

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Commuters riding the M14 Crosstown Line will be treated to the continuous playback of pre-recorded video shot from the window of the bus between Avenue C and Tenth Avenue, with the intention of highlighting the subtle complexity of everyday interactions that comprise what we know and love, yet often can’t express, to be ‘14th Street’.


October 11 – October 18

Time • Duration • Location

Weekdays: 9:05am, 11:05am, 5:04pm, 7:02pm

East 14th Street / Avenue C -- M14D, (Crosstown — Chelsea Piers / 11 Av) -- The northwest corner of East 14th Street and Avenue C, across from an entrance to the Con Ed plant.

Weekdays: 8:03am, 10:02am, 6:02pm, 8:04pm

West 14th Street / Hudson Street --  M14D, (Crosstown — Lower E. Side / Delancey-FDR) -- The southeast corner of West 14th Street and Hudson Street.

Additional Info

Artist’s Note: I will be waiting at the bus stop 15 minutes prior to the time of departure. Those wishing to view the piece can join me to ask questions, and get on the bus together. I can provide a limited number of single-ride bus tickets for those who need help with fare. The bus doesn't always arrive on time; I will take the bus that arrives either at, or immediately after, the time provided — never before.  Getting from one end of 14th Street to another takes on average 25 minutes. Seats on the bus are not guaranteed.