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Will-o-the-Wisp Magic Numbers

SeeMeTellMe is a gifting street artist who has released over 3,000 magical packages across in the US, UK, France, Cuba, and Australia. They are a return to what has been lost in art -- surprise, chance, and a desire to replace art as commodity.

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Find the 200 tiny lights glowing in red, green, blue, orange or yellow made from LEDs, cast plastic, ribbons, magnets, and a little plastic box placed along 14th Street from Union Square to 8th Avenue nightly in groups of 20. These little lights with their magic numbers represent that seductive but perhaps misleading hope that somehow, by evoking a magic number, all our dreams will come true. On the verso, a QR code leads the collector to the real significance of the lucky number with an invitation to share.


October 11 – October 20

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Placed along 14th Street from Union Square to Eighth Avenue in groups of 20 nightly, throughout the festival.