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The Department of Accumulated Thoughts: 14th Street Archive Division Overtime

Tatlo is a collaborative trio consisting of Jade Yumang, Michael Watson, and Sara Jimenez. The three artists draw from personal narrative, cultural heritage, and familial dynamics to create durational performances that challenge the limits of the body. Tatlo has been performing together since 2012 at multiple venues, including the Glasshouse.

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Tatlo (Jade Yumang, Michael Watson, and Sara Jimenez) perform as members of the Department of Accumulated Thoughts: 14th Street, Overtime (D.A.T.).  Carrying a portable office cubicle along 14th Street, from the East River to the Hudson, they will set up the cubicle as a stationary office at each corner to interact and survey the public through a rigorous method of absurdist but essential data collection. Over the course of the 10-hour workday, D.A.T. will accumulate, document and archive the daily thoughts of those who walk 14th Street.


Check out the completed surveys on the D.A.T. website!


October 13   8:00 – 6:00

Time • Duration • Location

Traveling from Avenue C to Eleventh Avenue.