OCTOBER 11 – 20, 2013
Along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River, NYC

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Numbers are shape shifters. Disciplined yet volatile, precise yet electric, singular yet collective, iconic yet generic, transparent yet slippery, cool yet momentous, restrictive yet buoyant. Transforming continually, they populate our daily life, clicking, ticking, cajoling, chastising, pressing and promising. From bank balances to checks and balances, votes to foreclosures, inflation to recession, pin numbers to alien registration numbers, rush hour to happy hour, statistics to demographics, lotteries to lucky numbers, dates to duties, they demand our continual attention, molding the experience of our everyday.

How can artists respond to the numerologies of our time? In proposing Number as the theme for Art in Odd Places this year, I invited artists to transform this seemingly bloodless technology of representation into an active zone of experience.

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